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Biodiversity Informatics
Biodiversity informatics is a key project area at Berkeley Natural History Museums. Current projects include BioGeomancer, BerkeleyMapper, CalPhotos, AmphibiaWeb, ORNIS, and HerpNet. Specimen mapping and distributed query capabilities are key components of built systems, including current work on integrating web services such as dynamic niche modelling and specimen validation.

The Invasive Species Research Coordination network is employing biodiversity informatics tools to:

  • Visualize specimen distributions (completed)
  • Peform spatial queries of specimen distributions(completed).
  • Implement automated geo-referencing through the BioGeomancer project (in progress).
  • Perform attribute lookups for points and point distributions through BerkeleyMapper (in progress).
  • Perform dynamic niche modelling and species validation routines using services developed in conjunction with BioGeomancer (in progress).
  • Build data connection to GBIF Global Specimen Data Index (anticipating GBIF mirror to support thematic portals).

The following query illustrates specimen mapping capabilities for invasives, including attribute lookup features (Options Tab), and spatial query (Tools Tab):

For more information contact George Roderick