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GBIF DIGIT Grant Summary

The Global Biodiversity Information Facility has granted funds to 3 musuems to digitize invasive terrestrial arthropods as part of its DIGIT grant program. Work has begun on this grant and we expect to have 42,000 insect specimens digitized by December 31, 2005 (4765 from Bishop Museum, 6000 from Australian National Insect Collection, and 31,500 from Essig Museum).

Status of GBIF DIGIT Grant as of April, 2005:

Bishop Musuem:
Area: Pacific

  • Soon to be starting on Tephritidae

Essig Musuem:
Area: Worldwide, but predominantly North America
99% are georeferenced

  • Aphididae: 10,927 digitized as of 4/05
  • Tephritidae: 7,844 digitized as of 4/05

Australian National Insect Collection:
Area: Australia, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, South Pacific

  • Hymenoptera: 750 digitized as of 4/05

For more information contact George Roderick